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He wants you as his own. Jesus said, "The Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost." How does he seek us, what does he say to us, how can he save people like us? These are our questions. The Bible has answers.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Fall Into God When Facing Rejection | Mark 6:1-6

    Faithfully speaking and sharing God’s Word is no simple task. Some don’t care if we speak about Jesus. Some are angered when we speak about Jesus. Some make our lives difficult when we speak about Jesus. So what’s the point of it? Jesus knew all about the challenges ...


  2. Fall Into the One Stronger Than Death | Mark 5:21-43 Sermon

    This week’s theme reminds us that there’s more than one kind of death in the Bible; it speaks of physical death, spiritual death and eternal death. Jesus demonstrates that no matter how many kinds of death there are, he is always strong to make the dead alive! ...


  3. Fall Into God's Strength Over Storms, Mark 4:35-41

    We like to stand on our own two feet. In this series, however, God will teach us the better way of falling before his own feet as we grow to appreciate not just his power, but his purpose and use of it. May we humbly forget ourselves and ...


  4. All Fired Up to Grow In Faith | Mark 4:26-34 Sermon

    Truly when it comes to "seeds", there's nothing like the Word of God. Jesus picks that comparison for his parables for a reason and teaches us to have a view of his Word and confidence in it like no other. May we never think of our Bibles any other way! ...


  5. All Fired Up to Crush the Devil in Christ | Mark 3:20-35 Sermon

    Consider the world's population as just two households. Why? Because that's exactly how Jesus sees it. One home with God. The other belongs to Satan. Jesus isn't joking around about his purpose and work and aims to prevent us all from an eternal sin. Listen in to learn more! ...